Does it cost me anything to have a car-sitter?

Car Next Door does not charge anything for co-ordinating the car-sitting arrangement. 

You will need to allow the car-sitter to drive your car for free up to an agreed value each month.

While the value is expressed in terms of what the Car-Sitter would normally pay to drive your car as a Borrower, it is important to note that the only direct cost to you will be the fuel and wear and tear from that driving (which varies by car, but is generally between around 15c to 25c per kilometre). 

For example, if the Car-Sitter books the car for a day and drives 100 kilometres, they would normally pay the daily rate (say $30) plus 33c per kilometre ($33.00). They have received $66 worth of value, but it has only cost you the actual cost of the 100km (say $18). 

The amount of monthly driving credit can be negotiated between the car sitter and the owner, however we recommend $110/month with expiry after 3 months. We have found this figure to be the fairest option for both the owner and the sitter. The 3-month expiry enables the sitter to save up credits for up to three months if they were looking to take a longer trip. 

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