What are the car-sitter's responsibilities?

As a car-sitter, you will need to do a few simple things to look after the car:

  • Keep an eye on the vehicle regularly and report any new damage, fines or other issues to Car Next Door as soon as possible, so that we can help to resolve them quickly;
  • Take a comprehensive and clear set of photos once a month, highlighting any damage on each surface of the vehicle, and send these photos through to, so that Car Next Door can maintain a photographic record of the vehicle's condition;
  • Notify Car Next Door immediately if he or she thinks that the vehicle is not roadworthy and safe for fellow community members to use;
  • Keep the vehicle reasonably clean, so that it is a pleasure for Borrowers to drive (and notify Car Next Door if any Borrowers leave a mess);
  • Book the vehicle whenever he or she wants to drive it, and not use the vehicle without a Booking. (If the Car-Sitter uses the vehicle without a booking, or leaves the key or Lockbox off, so that Borrowers can't access the vehicle, then he or she will incur a penalty of up to $100 (as set out under the "Owner Cancellations" heading in the fee schedule);
  • Keep Fred the Lockbox (and the key) back in place when he or she is not driving.
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