What technology is installed into my car?

We're going to be installing three bits of technology into your car.

Firstly, a GPS tracker - that's so we can track the number of kilometres the borrowers drive and get you reimbursed for fuel.

Secondly, we put our own toll tag into your car, so you can take yours out and suspend your existing account. We subtract your own tolls from your monthly income, and the borrower's tolls are billed completely separately - you never see them.

And thirdly, we give you an electronic lockbox which has a keypad on the front. We provide the borrower with a unique code for each booking, they punch in that code, out pops the key and they just put the key back in the lockbox once they've parked and locked your car at the end of the booking.

➡︎ Where does the lockbox attach?

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