What is the Fair Availability Policy?


Your vehicle needs to be available for at least 50% of the weekdays and 50% of the weekend days on average every month.


It costs Car Next Door approximately $120 a month to have a typical car on our platform. This includes insurance for your car, roadside assistance, and providing Fred (our in-car device). This is more than the $60/month membership fee.

We subsidise car owners because we are building our network and want to make it as easy as possible for you to try the service out.

However, there is not much point (either for you or for us) in having a car on the platform that is rarely or never available.

To be eligible for the $60/month membership fee, your car must be available for other members to rent during at least 50% of the weekdays and 50% of the weekend days during each calendar month.

This is the “Minimum Availability Level”. If your car’s availability is less than the Minimum Availability Level over a 3-month period, then we may charge you an additional amount, until your car's availability increases, to offset the costs of having your car on the platform.

We will not impose any extra charge before first contacting you - we'll take relevant factors into account such as your car's overall earnings, whether the low availability is temporary and your intention to return to good availability levels.

Higher availability requirements apply for the Income Guarantee

To remain eligible for the Income Guarantee, your car must maintain a higher level of availability throughout the year. Check out the eligibility criteria for the Income Guarantee.

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