What do I do if a Borrower gets a fine while driving my car?

If you receive a fine or traffic infringement notice (e.g. for a speeding fine or parking fine) that you believe is a Borrower’s responsibility, just take a photo or scan it and send it to members@carnextdoor.com.au.

We can easily check our reservation system to find out who had your car at the time.

Don't delay, as the authorities may reject a request to transfer responsibility if it's too long after the fine was issued.

Parking fines

For parking fines:

We will attempt to collect the fine amount plus a $20 admin fee from the Borrower. If we are able to collect, we will pay the fine, and credit you $10 to help compensate you for the hassle.

Speeding fines and other infringements

For speeding fines, infringements involving demerit points, or where we can't collect payment from the borrower:

We will give you the details so that you can direct the issuing agency to re-issue the fine directly to the Borrower (either by e-nomination, filling in a form, or doing a statutory declaration). We charge the borrower a $40 admin fee and credit you $30 for the time spent on it.

E-nominations in NSW

For vehicle owners in NSW, if the offending driver holds an Australian licence then you can nominate them online and the issuing authority can re-direct the infringement notice to them.

To do this:

  • Send a scan or photo of the infringement notice to members@carnextdoor.com.au
  • We will send you the details of the responsible Borrower;
  • Go to the "myPenalty" page on the Office of State Revenue website; and
  • Follow the prompts to nominate the responsible driver.

If the driver has a foreign driving licence

Then you will need to sign a statutory declaration to assign the infringement. The State Debt Recovery Office (SDRO) will still assign the infringement to the responsible person, even if they are no longer in Australia. In this case, the SDRO will sometimes send you an additional letter to warn that you must not make a misleading or false declaration. Don’t stress! Car Next Door can provide supporting evidence to the SDRO in these situations to show that you were not responsible.

Making a statutory declaration

You'll need to sign it in front of an authorised witness

If you are currently overseas, you may be able find an authorised witness at your nearest Australian Embassy, high commission or consulate.

Please do the statutory declaration promptly. If you delay and then receive a penalty reminder with an additional late fee, you will need to cover the extra fee as we are not able to charge the borrower for it.

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