Keeping your car clean, and what to do if a Borrower leaves a mess

Car cleanliness: what you can expect from borrowers and how to report mess

You are entitled to expect that Borrowers will return your car as clean and tidy as it was when they collected it.

If a Borrower brings your car back messy, please contact them in the first instance to ask if they could clean it up. 

If you have no luck (or if it’s a really serious mess, or they have smoked in the car), please take a photo and email it to with details of the time and date you found the mess.

Your responsibilities

Keep your car nice

For many of us, keeping our car clean and tidy and free of clutter all the time takes practice. Some tips for keeping your car clean:

  • Keep a bag or small bin in your car, and take any rubbish with you after each trip.
  • Put a bottle of soapy water and a cloth in the boot, for quick and easy spot cleaning.
  • Re-fill the windscreen wiper solution, and give the windscreen a quick clean with the squeegee when you refuel.
  • Get a hand-vac for quick interior cleaning. If this is not feasible, make sure you have an extension cord for your home vacuum. If that doesn’t work either, find out where the nearest self-serve carwash is, and swing past regularly to do a quick vacuum.

Fees apply if you leave your car dirty

Borrowers expect to find cars in a reasonably clean and tidy state. If a Borrower turns up to drive and finds that the car is unacceptably dirty, then you will incur a fee as set out in our Fee Schedule (and you’re likely to lose that Borrower’s custom!)

Don’t smoke in vehicles – even your own

Smoked-in vehicles smell really bad, and generate a lot of Borrower complaints. Please don’t smoke in yours (or let your passengers light up).

If you carry animals in your vehicle, let Borrowers know

If you carry animals in your car, please include that information in your Car Profile (some people are allergic). If you want to allow other members to carry their pets in the vehicle, then you can nominate it as ‘pet friendly’.


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