Car owners can nominate up to five friends or family to be covered under the insurance when driving their car.

You can edit this list at any time on-line - you just need to make sure to nominate them before they drive.

Anyone who drives your car must be added to your Additional Drivers list

When you list your car with Car Next Door, you, up to five nominated ‘Additional Drivers’, and any other approved Car Next Door member can drive your car.

If any other person drives your car and causes damage, it will not be covered under our comprehensive insurance policy.

If you wish to have any other people driving your car (e.g. your spouse, partner, adult son or daughter, flatmate or friend), you will need to add them as ‘Additional Drivers’. It’s easy to do, but you must do it before they drive.

Who can you nominate?

To qualify, an Additional Driver must:

  1. hold a valid licence to drive (which may be an learner’s or provisional licence, noting however that a higher DCL will apply in respect of any Loss or Damage, as set out below);
  2. be nominated by you prior to driving the Vehicle;

  3. abide by the relevant terms and conditions of the Member Agreements when driving the vehicle; and

  4. not be a Member of Car Next Door, unless the person is also a member of your household.

How to nominate Additional Drivers

To nominate Additional Drivers, or change your nomination at any time, log in to your car's profile and update the list of additional drivers.




Higher Damage Cover Liability for young, elderly or learner additional drivers

In the event of damage being caused by your Additional Driver, You are liable to pay an amount up to the following Damage Cover Liability (DCL):


Additional Driver’s Age and licence type

 DCL Amount

16-20 (any licence type)  


21-24 or over 75 (with unrestricted licence)  


25 to 75 (with unrestricted licence)


Driver of any age with a learner’s or provisional licence



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