For car owners: how do I nominate a back-up contact?

You need to be contactable at all times during bookings, in case we or a Borrower need to get in touch with you. To be sure we can reach someone if necessary, you need to nominate a back-up contact we can get in touch with if you aren't available. You can do this through your car's profile under the 'Your cars' tab of the members' site.

If you won’t be available for a certain time period (for example if you're on holidays or uncontactable for a few hours), go to the 'Your cars' tab of the members’ site and click 'call back-up contact first' under the 'Back-up contact' section. Your back-up contact will then be the first port of call for us or Borrowers as long as this option is selected. Remember to switch it back when you are available.

You need to have a back-up contact nominated even when you are available, just in case we can’t get hold of you and we need to speak to someone immediately.


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