What happens if someone gets a parking or speeding fine while they're driving my car?

If you get a parking fine or traffic infringement notice that was incurred while a Borrower had your car, we can easily check our reservation system to find out who had your car at the time of the ticket.

If a borrower leaves your car in a timed or illegal parking space at the end of their booking and it subsequently gets a fine, they are responsible for paying the fine.

We then notify the Borrower so that they can pay the fine directly. 

If they don't pay right away, or if the infringement involves demerit points, then we'll help you complete the statutory declaration to get the issuing authority to transfer the fine and any demerit points to the Borrower.

We charge the Borrower admin fees to cover our time and yours in dealing with the fine. The fine is:

  • $20 if you don't need to do a statutory declaration (we pass $10 on to you); and 
  • $40 if you do (we pass $30 on to you).

(If you are already a member of Car Next Door, please see the article on how to report fines)

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