You pay for all of the fuel that is used in your car – whether it is used by you, your Additional Drivers, or Borrowers.

You get reimbursed for any fuel that is used by Borrowers, through your 25c/km distance income.

Understanding fuel costs in your monthly invoice

You may find that the cost of fuel paid for with the fuel card exceeds the distance income you receive - particularly if the tank is filled near the end of the month. 

For example

At the end of the month, Chris sees on his invoice that he was charged $60 for a full tank of fuel.

A Borrower picked up Jan's car with an empty tank. They used the fuel card to fill up. At the end of the trip, Jan is left with half a tank


  Jan's Corolla
km per tank 500
km per liter 10
liters per tank 50
Cost per liter $ 1.35
Cost of full tank $ 67.5


km Borrower drives 250
Liters used 25
Cost of fuel Borrower used $ 33.75
Distance income paid to owner $ 62.5
Distance income less fuel consumption $ 28.75
Liters of fuel left in tank 25



Reminder: Car Owners must not use the fuel card

We have credit limits on the fuel cards, so please don’t use it yourself to pay for fuel – pay using your usual method instead.




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