Owning a shared car: the 3 Golden Rules

Sharing your car is really easy, but you need to make these 3 Golden Rules your habits:

1: Always book your car if you are using it yourself.

Members can instantly book any available vehicle. This means that if you don’t book the time when you are using your car, a Borrower may book it and turn up – to find the car missing. See this article on why it's so important to book your own car and read more about how to book your car when you need it.

2: Always put Fred (and the key) back in place when you get home.

Fred is your friend. He’s the reason you can share your car without hanging around to exchange keys. If he’s not in his usual home (as detailed in your car's profile), then a Borrower won’t be able to get in - which is possibly even more frustrating than the car not being there.

3: Don’t wait till you get a booking to put the car (and Fred) in place.

Most bookings are made within 15 minutes of their start time, so you often won’t have enough notice to bring the car back, or put Fred on.

New habits are hard to make – but getting the hang of these 3 things at the outset will save a lot of hassle!

We don't like to use them, but you should now that owner cancellation fees may apply if your car and key aren't available for a Borrower at the time of their booking.

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    I have two cars , can I list both on Car Next door?

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