Will I need to pay a deposit or card pre-authorisation when I book a car?

You won't need to pay a deposit, but instead we will put a 10-day hold on your card. (That's a 'pre-authorisation' in bank-speak). 
In most cases, we will place a $250 hold for your first two trips only
In specific cases, depending on factors including whether you're a local or an overseas visitor and your credit history, we may require a $500 hold for your first 5 or more trips. We will always tell you the amount before we put a hold on your card.
This amount is set aside by your card provider, but your account will not be debited until the final payment for your trip is processed.
The pre-authorisation ensures that there will be funds on your card to pay for the booking, including any damage, fees, fines or tolls we get notice of after your booking ends. 


What if I make several bookings within the 10-day period? Do you take multiple pre-authorisations?

If you make another booking during the period when your credit card hold is still in place, we won't take another pre-authorisation. 


When will my deposit be returned / refunded?

See "When will my deposit be refunded?"


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