How do I complete my car's profile and parking instructions?

Your car's profile is what Borrowers see when they are looking for a car to book. Here they can see a photo and description of your car and its features. Filling out your car's profile doesn't take long, but it's one of the most effective ways to make your car stand out and get more bookings. You also need to fill out parking instructions so that your Borrowers know where to return your car.

You can see and edit your car's profile at any time by logging in to the members' site and going to Your car > View details > Profile.


Describing your car

Give your car a clear description, highlight its features, and let Borrowers know any little quirks.

This helps people to find your car when they search online, and drive it without needing to contact you or us.

Have fun with this! Borrowers like to know that it's a real person's car, and giving it a fun description helps to show that your car is loved. 


Check that you're using the best possible photo of your car, and that your description is appealing and highlights your car's best features. Add any quirks or special features drivers need to know in the 'What Borrowers must know before driving' section (this will only be visible to Borrowers after they've booked your car), and select all the features your car has in the 'features' section.



Write Clear and Detailed Parking instructions

Scroll down to see and edit your car's parking instructions. These are the instructions Borrowers will follow when returning your car at the end of their booking.

Please make them as clear as possible – it’s a good idea to get someone else to look them over. If your car is street parked, you can use this section to highlight streets nearby with unrestricted parking, or areas where your parking permit is valid.


Changing your car's home location

You can change your car’s 'home' location from your car's profile in the members' site. Under the Parking section, click on 'Schedule a location change' and enter the new details. Make sure you enter the date this change will take effect, and parking instructions for the new location.




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