How do I show when my car is available, and when it is not?


We provide you with a full calendar system, where you can block your car for your own use, and all other times are available for the borrowers to book. If you need your car for a weekly trip to the shops or something, you can even put in a recurring block for yourself just like a google calendar. If you need to jump in your car quickly, you can simply block it out using your phone, so that you're not double booked with a borrower.


  • You are in control of the availability of your own car.
  • Borrowers can book with as little as 15 minutes notice, provided the calendar is open to them.
  • Please note, you can't "approve", filter or cancel borrower bookings - it's all automated and real-time.
  • If a borrower books weeks in advance, feel free to call them to touch base about the booking.

If you have any trouble with managing your calendar or fear you can't honour a booking due to an emergency, please contact us right away on (02) 8035 8000. 


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