How does the insurance work?

Your $60 / month Owner Membership includes insurance for damage and theft, roadside assist and all of the technology required to run your car on the website.

You no longer need your own comprehensive insurance, so you can cancel that out from the date of your installation, and your existing provider will pro rata refund you for the remainder of your policy.

You are covered when you drive, the borrowers are covered, and you can nominate up to five additional drivers in your household, so everyone can be covered when they get into the car and drive.

If a borrower damages your car:

  • We arrange to rapidly fix it and cover the cost (subject to the terms of cover that are set out in the Damage PolicyMembership Agreement and Owner Supplement).
  • We pay you $25 for every day it is in for repairs, up to 28 days.
  • If you have a preferred repairer we can use yours, provided they can give a reasonable quote. Otherwise, we have our own specialist repairers.
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If you damage your own car:

  • You will pay the first $500 of repair costs. Our insurer will cover the rest (subject to the terms of cover that are set out in the Membership Agreement and Owner Supplement).
  • We will manage the claim with the insurer and help get your car back on the road as soon as possible.

If you car is damaged or lost due to storm, theft, etc:

  • The insurance also covers loss or damage due to fire, flood, hail or theft, or damage incurred while parked between bookings.
  • If any of these scenarios occur while you have possession of the car (anytime it is not booked by another member), you will pay your $500 Damage Cover Liability and the insurer will cover the rest.

What about Rego, CTP and Roadworthy?

How often do borrowers cause damage?

  • There are very few incidents of damage to cars (fewer than 1% of all bookings result in any damage to a car), but in the unlikely event that your car is damaged, it's insured for its market value under our fleet insurance policy.

Want more detail? Check out this detailed explanation of Car Next Door's insurance coverage

Note that the insurance covers 'damage', and not just minor wear and tear - see this FAQ explaining the difference

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