How much should I charge for the use of my car?

You set the hourly and daily rates for your car. To maximise your earnings we recommend pricing based on the market value of your car, location, and competition. 

Pricing guidelines

NOTE: pricing is shown as price per hour/ price per day i.e. 4/20 is $4 per hour/ $20 per day.

Car type/ year Sm Car Med Car Lge Car SUV



Van Ute

2002 & older

4/20 4/20 5/25 5/25 6/30 7/40 6/30


4/20 5/25 5/25 6/30 6/30 8/45 7/35


5/25 5/25 6/30 7/35 7/35 9/50 7/35


5/25 6/30 6/30 7/35 7/35 9/50


2015 & newer 6/30 6/30 7/35 7/35 7/35




Pricing tips

Starting with a competitive hourly and daily rate will help your car gain momentum with bookings in the first 6-12 months.  You can experiment with increasing it later if you are finding your car is in high demand.

Checking out your competition is a good way to get an idea of going rates in your area. Head to our search page and see what other cars are listed on Car Next Door near you. If there are cars similar to yours, see if you can match or beat their prices, especially when you're first starting out.

We recommended erring on the side of lower pricing. A slight increase in rates does not make a significant difference to your total earnings - but getting bookings in the first place certainly does!


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