Does it cost me anything to list my car?

You pay a monthly membership fee, which replaces your current comprehensive insurance.

For most people, this is the same as what they would otherwise pay for their comprehensive insurance.

Your membership fee covers:

  • your comprehensive car insurance;
  • free 24-hour roadside assistance;
  • the installation and use of the in-car technology that lets you rent your car out;
  • use of our online platform to manage your car's availability and bookings;
  • support around the clock from our friendly, local team if you or a Borrower need help;
  • local marketing for your car;
  • processing of payments, fuel, tolls and any fines; and
  • protection against the risk of non-payment.
  • Heavyweight borrowing benefits, so you can borrow from our fleet of over 1300 cars, vans and utes with no booking fees and a low $500 Damage Cover Liability (insurance excess)

We don't make any profit from your membership fees. In fact, this money doesn't cover our costs of having your car on the platform.

We subsidise these costs because we want to get your car up and running. We don't make any money until you do. In addition to the monthly membership fee, Car Next Door retains a share of your car's income. (See Why does Car Next Door take a share of my income?)

The monthly membership fee is $60.  Read more about what you get for this.


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