How can I maximise my earnings?

Availability, pricing, attracting repeat borrowers, and marketing!  

Availability is key! While there are borrowings occurring throughout the week, weekends are certainly when cars are in peak demand. Most borrowers make the booking within an hour of needing the car, so keeping it available for last-minute weekend bookings really helps. If you block out even a short period during the middle of the day, that will likely rule out a booking for the whole day, if not the whole weekend.

Pricing is also really important. If there is a car in your area that's a few years newer than yours but priced the same, it will likely be the more popular choice. Staying competitive could make all the difference. Car Next Door can guide you on this.  

Keeping your car clean and personalising it with useful bits and bobs like a car phone holder and/or charger, will help to attract repeat borrowers.

We will market your car through local letterbox drops as well as online marketing and PR. There is plenty you can do too. We can provide all Car Owners members with a marketing pack, so that you have the tools to get the word out there in your immediate local area. You can promote your car by telling friends and neighbours, community groups, etc. about it. Making sure that your car's profile is appealing, highlights your car's best features, and includes a clear and eye-catching photo will also help make it stand out and attract bookings. Read more about marketing your vehicle.

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