What happens if I am inconvenienced by a borrower? (e.g. Late return, messy car, refueling)

If you're put out by a Borrower's actions you will be compensated, as long as it is reported to us.  

If you are inconvenienced by a Borrower, please:

  • send them a a gentle reminder to ask them to fix the problem and, if this doesn't work;
  • take photos of the issue and email these to 

Fees apply for example, if the Borrower leaves the vehicle in an unacceptable state, returns the car late and affects a booking by you or another member, or incurs parking or speeding fines. (See "What happens if someone gets a fine while they're driving my car?")

We pass part of the fee on to you, to compensate you for the inconvenience, and use part of it to cover our admin costs in dealing with the issue. 

We want to create a good community of Borrowers that Owners can trust and want you to feel properly compensated for any extra effort you have to put in to sharing your car. 

We will soon be implementing a ratings system and giving Owners the ability to block Borrowers from using their car if they don't follow our community's rules. 


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