Where do Borrowers return my car?

They return it to the spot where they picked it up. If you normally park your vehicle on the street, they can park within a 500 metre radius, and our GPS tracker will tell you where it is at the end of their booking. If you normally park it in a dedicated spot, they will return it to that exact spot.


  • When you set up your car, you set the car's parking instructions and nominate the "Ideal Park" for this car.
  • To see the exact map-pin location of where your car is parked after a booking, simply log in to the members' site and go to "My Car".
  • Please note: you can only have one "Homezone" for your car at a time. For example, if you take it to work for the day or your mate's place for the week, just block it out as unavailable.
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    Guy Moore

    To ensure I reach to 50% availability requirement I will need to leave my car at work for people to use throughout the day when I'm working. This will therefore be a different pickup and drop off location to the weekend. How does your system handle this?

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    Kate Trumbull

    Sorry Guy, there can only be one homezone for a car. But it's definitely worth giving us a call to discuss the availability requirement, as weekends are when most bookings happen.

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