What if a Borrower damages my car?


If a borrower damages your car, we will fix it, get it back on the road quickly and you won't be out of pocket. In fact, we will pay you while it is in for repairs. If you have a preferred repairer we will use yours, provided they give a reasonable quote and timeframe. Otherwise, we have our own specialists.



  • Fewer than 1% of all bookings result in any damage to a car.
  • Your vehicle is insured under our fleet policy for its market value.
  • If a borrower damages your car, they are liable for the cost of repair, not you.
  • If we need to make a claim with our insurer, we will, and the borrower will pay the insurance excess.
  • We will organise the repairs, manage the claim with the insurer and get your car back on the road as soon as possible.
  • If a borrower is responsible for damage and you need a car while your car is in for repairs, we'll pay you $25 a day while your car is out of action, for up to 28 days. (You can use your preferred repairer, however the $25/day compensation will not be available).
  • Borrowers are only required to keep photos from the start and end of their booking for 30 days. If the damage is more than 30 days old we may not be able to identify the person responsible.
  • Also see: Understanding the difference between damage and minor wear and tear


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