What happens if I damage a car? Am I covered by insurance?

When you book a car through Car Next Door, you're protected by our comprehensive insurance policy.

The damage cover works in a similar way to rental car insurance. Should you be involved in an accident, and you are not in breach of the terms of the membership agreement, the most you would need to pay is your chosen Damage Cover Liability amount (DCL), which works like an excess. 

On our $19-per-month Heavyweight plan, your DCL is $500 for all trips. If you're on our no monthly fee Featherweight plan, your standard DCL is $2,000 and you can choose to reduce it to $500 for $1.50 an hour or $18 a day (or $2 an hour or $24 a day for drivers under 25).

Note: for drivers under 25, the standard DCL on our Featherweight plan is $2500 and $1000 on our Heavyweight plan. Full details are available on our rates and plans page.

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