Do I need a smartphone (phone with internet access) to use Car Next Door?

Having a smartphone is highly recommended as it makes booking, finding and accessing the cars ridiculously simple. It is always a good idea to ensure you have a fully charged mobile phone before you start your Car Next Door journey.

You can still use Car Next Door without a smartphone. 15 minutes before your booking starts, you'll be emailed all the details you need for your trip, including where to find the car, how to access the lockbox, fuel and parking instructions, and how to end the booking.

How to find the car without a smartphone

Log in on a computer within 15 minutes before your trip starts and go to "My Trips" to see the car's real-time location on a map.

How to get a Lockbox code without a smartphone

  1. Log in on a computer within 15 minutes before your trip starts and press 'Generate PIN'; or
  2. Call us (a $2 call centre fee may apply) on (02 8035 8000)

How to end a trip without a smartphone

To get the lockbox code at the end of your trip, you can reply to the SMS you received at the start of the trip with the text 'X'. You will get a code within a few minutes. Sending this SMS will also end your booking.

Call us if you need help - a $2 call centre fee may apply (02 8035 8000)

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