What kinds of cars are available? Do you have automatic and manual?

Utes, vans , 4WDs, fancy cars, basic cars… The beauty of Car Next Door is that you get access to all kinds of cars that you can find in the wild!

Need a big rig to move house or load up with stuff from the hardware store? Good thing your neighbour has that beast down the block!

How about a luxury car to impress the date or chauffeur your visiting relos for the weekend? Check! An economical runabout just to do some groceries and jobs? Check! A people-mover to collect the gang and all their luggage from the airport? Check!

Unlike most other car-share companies, we have both automatic and manual cars. Again, it’s whatever real people in your neighbourhood are driving. Only drive automatic? You will be able to search for cars that suit your needs via our simple to use search tool.

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