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The vehicle’s key is stored within a secure lockbox (we call it ‘Fred’).

To access the vehicle, you will need to find Fred, and enter a code to open him and get the key. You'll find full instructions when you log in to the website or app from 15 minutes before your trip starts.

Finding Fred (the lockbox)

Fred will either be on the rear driver’s side window of the car or attached to a wall, fence, door or water meter near the car. Log in and check Step 4 – Find key lockbox and generate code – for instructions on finding Fred.

If you’re still having trouble finding Fred after checking the Lockbox Information section in your trip instructions, give us a call.

Opening Fred

From 15 minutes before the start of your booking, you can generate a PIN from the members’ site or app under Step 4 – Find key lockbox and generate code. Enter the PIN on the keypad and the lockbox will open.

Entering the code

  1. To wake Fred, hold [ENT] until the keypad lights up or beeps.
  2. Input the code, and press [ENT]. The “Ready” light should flash green, and you should hear a beep.
  3. If you enter the code incorrectly four times, then you will need to wait one minute before you can try again.

Getting the key and storing Fred

  1. Open Fred from the top (the hinge is on the bottom).
  2. Take out the key, and then CLOSE Fred completely. If you leave him open, he will lock in an open position and you will need to generate a new code to close him again.
  3. If Fred is on the car's window, wind the window halfway down, remove Fred from the window and place him in the boot while you are driving. Do not drive with Fred on the window. 
  4. Keep the key with you for the whole duration of your reservation and only return it to the Lockbox once you have returned the car to its home location.

 Watch this video to see it all in action.




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