What should I do if there is no fuel card in the car/PIN is not working/petrol station won't accept it?

All of the info you need for refueling (including the fuel card PIN) can be found at Step 6 - Fuel Instructions under Your Trips when you log in to your account during your trip.

The fuel card should be kept inside the glove box of each car, but if you don't find it here it's worth double checking all the cubby holes and sun visors to see if it's been left elsewhere.

If you still can't find the fuel card, (or if you are having trouble using it), please pay for the fuel yourself and make sure you get a fully itemised receipt. 

Submitting your fuel receipt for a refund/credit

Email a photo of the fuel receipt to OR upload a photo using the button at Step 6 - Fuel Instructions in the mobile site.

We'll process a full refund onto the credit card we have on file, or if you have an outstanding charge or upcoming trip with us we'll credit it towards that.

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