Which vehicle types earn the most?

For many people, renting your car out is about offsetting your car's costs while still being able to drive it when you want to. But if making a profit is your driving motivation, choose:

  • a van or ute with plenty of cargo space
  • within 5 kilometres of the city
  • in good condition

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Vehicles that earn the most, in order of performance:

- Van
- Ute
- People Mover
- Hatchback
- Medium Sedan

Please note: we have never been able to establish any trends towards particular makes and models.

Promising location where there is existing high demand:

- 5km radius of the city in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne
- Inner North (MEL), East & Inner West (SYD)
- Additionally, Manly & Chatswood (SYD) and St Kilda (MEL) all perform very well

Other factors that influence number of bookings and general profitability:

- Exterior Condition
- Interior Condition
- Age
- Mechanical reliability
- Capacity
- Features including Bluetooth connectivity and GPS navigation

Some common questions:

Do different locations demand different types of vehicles? 

Not that we have noticed

Should I buy a van or a sedan if I'm out to make a decent profit?


If there are other vehicles in my chosen location, does that have a positive or negative impact for me?


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