For many people, renting your car out is about offsetting your car's costs while still being able to drive it when you want to. But if making a profit is your driving motivation, choose:

  • a van or ute with plenty of cargo space
  • within 5 kilometres of the city
  • in good condition

Top earning vehicle types

Vehicles that earn the most, in order of performance:

  1. Van
  2. Ute
  3. People Mover
  4. SUV
  5. Hatchback
  6. Medium Sedan

We have not seen any trends towards particular makes or models.

Top earning locations

  • 5km radius of the city in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne
  • Inner North (MEL), East & Inner West (SYD)

Additionally, Manly & Chatswood (SYD) and St Kilda (MEL) all perform very well

Other factors

Several other factors may influence number of bookings and general profitability:

  • Exterior Condition
  • Interior Condition
  • Age
  • Mechanical reliability
  • Capacity
  • Features including Bluetooth connectivity and GPS navigation

Common questions

Do different locations demand different vehicle types?
Not that we have noticed.
Should I buy a van or a sedan if I'm out to make a decent profit?
Buy a van.
If there are other vehicles in my chosen location, does that have a positive or negative impact for me?
More vehicles make for a more active network and attract more borrowers, for a positive impact overall.

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