1. To wake Fred, hold [ENT] until the keypad lights up or beeps.
  2. Input the code, and press [ENT]. The “Ready” light should flash green, and you should hear a beep.
  3. If you enter the code incorrectly four times, then you will need to wait one minute before you can try again.

If this does not work:

  • Are you finishing your trip? Make sure that you generated a new code by pressing the Generate code button. Find it under My Trips > Step 10 - Find key lockbox and generate code.
  • Ensure that you correctly press ENT + Code + ENT.
  • When the correct code is entered the green Ready light will flash, and you will hear a little motor unlock the latch. You have about 5 seconds to hinge the lockbox open from the top before the latch will re-lock.
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