There are a number of potential reasons why the lockbox won't close:

  • The key is getting in the way. To fix: Adjust the key position and try again. If it still won't shut, then check that the lockbox closes without the key. If it does, you can then re-enter the code (it will last for 4 hours), open the lockbox up again and fit the key in such a way that it allows the lockbox to shut.
  • You have left the lockbox open for more than 2 hours, causing the latch to fully engage. To fix: Generate a lockbox code, use it to unlock the latch, and then try shutting the lockbox again.
  • You might not be pushing hard enough. To fix: Firmly press the lockbox closed (you may need to apply gentle force). Watch this video to see how much force is required to close the lockbox.
  • Something is caught that prevents closing. To fix: Check that the rain jacket or any other items aren't preventing the lockbox from closing properly.
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