What's the difference between general vehicle eligibility and income guarantee eligibility?

There are two sets of eligibility criteria that may apply to a vehicle listed with Car Next Door:

  1. General vehicle eligibility criteria: these are the criteria that any vehicle must meet to be listed on the Car Next Door platform.
  2. Income guarantee eligibility criteria: this is a more stringent set of requirements that vehicles must meet, in addition to the general eligibility criteria, to be eligible for the guarantee of a minimum amount of income over their first year on the platform.


Eligibility for listing on the Car Next Door platform Eligibility for the Income Guarantee*(Note: this table is for comparison only - check the full guarantee eligibility criteria.)
Vehicle age 15 years or less 6 years or less
Vehicle kms 200,000 150,000
Vehicle location Our current 'target' suburbs, as shown on this map Our current 'guaranteed' suburbs, as shown on this map*
Vehicle availability Must be available for members (not including you or your additional drivers) to book 50% of weekdays and 50% of weekend days, midnight to midnight (if not, higher monthly fee applies). Must be available for members (not including you or your additional drivers) to book from midnight to midnight at least 5 weekend days and 13 weekdays of each full calendar month during the Guarantee Period.
Vehicle rates As decided by owner. Must stay priced at the rate recommended by Car Next Door.*
Minimum driver age  As decided by owner. Must be available for approved Borrowers above the age of 21 to book.
 Stickers / branding   As decided by owner. Must have the full suite of Car Next Door stickers on the car
Reviews  Must maintain a good overall level of positive ('thumbs up') reviews. Must not receive more than five percent negative (“thumbs down”) ratings from borrowers.


*Refer to your specific guarantee conditions to see conditions offered at time of your guarantee commencing. Some guarantee conditions, for example 'guaranteed' suburbs and pricing guidelines, change over time.

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