How do I write a review? How long do I have to write a review?

At the conclusion of each booking, the Car Owner and Borrower have 10 days to leave a review for each other. They will be available once both parties have left a review, or at the end of the 10 day period.

Borrowers and Owners can write:

  • A public review, available for other users to see
  • A private review, available only to the other party
  • A note to Car Next Door


A message will pop up inviting you to leave a review when you click ‘End Now’ at the end of your booking.

Alternatively, to review completed trips, you can log in and go to ‘Your Trips’ > 'Past Trips' and select the trip for which you would like a leave a review.


Log in and go to Your cars. You will see a 'Pending reviews' tab with any borrower trips that you can review.

Alternatively, you can click on a completed trip from your vehicle's calendar and leave a review.

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