For car owners: can I cancel a Borrower's booking?

When you rent your car out through Car Next Door, it’s available for Borrowers to book instantly at the times when you’re not using it. But for this system to work, Borrowers need to have confidence that their booking is firm and that they will not be left without transport if you suddenly change your plans.

If you cancel a booking, then:

  • the Borrower will be annoyed and unlikely to book your car again;
  • we will need to find alternative transport for the Borrower; and
  • we will charge you in order to help compensate the Borrower for the inconvenience and for finding alternative transport (up to $100).


Exception: cancelling bookings that are made far in advance, or for a long duration

If a Borrower:

  • makes a booking that commences further than 1 week ahead; or
  • books your car for more than seven consecutive days; 


  • you contact Car Next Door to cancel the booking within 24 hours of receiving the booking;

then you will not be charged a cancellation fee.


More information

See this blog post for more tips on:

  • what to do if you realise that you need your car when it’s already been booked; 
  • how to avoid unwanted bookings; 
  • what happens if you cancel a booking; and 
  • the special rules that apply to cancelling long or far-ahead bookings.
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