How does car sitting work? (Info for car owners).

If you're unable to look after your car for more than six months, for example if you're going on a long holiday or leaving the country, we can organise a car sitter. The car sitter will check on your car regularly, keep it clean and ensure everything is going well, just as you would if you were able to. Please note that you need to be have been a member of Car Next Door for at least 12 months to be eligible for car sitting.

  • We find one of our trusted members to look after your car. This member will either live close to your place or have a dedicated park in our busier suburbs.
  • The car sitter keeps a regular eye on your car including a monthly clean and report
  • The car sitter gets a heavyweight membership (supplied by Car Next Door) and $110 driving credit to use on the car. However, the actual cost to the car owner is much less than $110 - see 'Does it cost me anything to have a car sitter?' for more detail.

Interested? Complete the Car Sitter Application.

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