For owners moving house: How do I change my car's homezone?

If you are moving house, you will need to update your car's homezone to your new address. 

You can enter your new address and the date that this move will be effective. Make sure you also update the parking instructions for the new location.

We will need to cancel any bookings that are affected by the move. 

If your lockbox is attached to a wall or fence, you will need to generate a shackle code. You will find the instructions and a button for generating these codes on Your cars > Profile (look beneath the 'Lockbox location' section).

Don't forget to test it after you've moved it as it can go into an unresponsive mode and needs to be woken up (read the instructions on the page carefully).

Once you've installed the lockbox at your new location, remember to update the lockbox location details in your car's profile.

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