Why was I charged this amount for my trip?

Viewing your invoice/charges breakdown

Every month you'll receive an invoice via email. For a breakdown of your trip costs, please log in to view your account (under the Your Trips tab) at any time.

When you'll be charged

Why was I just charged when my trip ended some time ago/my trip hasn't started yet?

Your card is charged for the time and distance of your trip on the night that your trip finishes. However we don't get notified of your tolls until some weeks later, so these are charged separately in your monthly invoice.

For trips longer than seven days, we will charge part of the total cost in advance and may take progress payments throughout the booking. 

Distance charges

It's important to take the distance charge into account when estimating the cost of your trip.

Because each kilometre driven costs the car's owner money in fuel, tyres, servicing and general wear and tear, there is a distance charge of $0.33 per kilometre to reimburse them. This covers more than just the cost of fuel - it covers the owner for all of the other running costs associated with your driving.

Our online booking system allows you to estimate what your trip will cost (including distance charges) before you drive. An easy way to estimate the distance of your planned trip is to enter it into Google maps and check the total distance.

$250 charge

If you see a $250 charge on your card, please see the following explanations of the credit card pre-authorisation:

Will I need to pay a deposit?
When will my $250 deposit be returned?

But it would've been cheaper with a rental car!

Overall, renting a neighbour's car is still cheaper than most car rental companies when you take into account fuel, excess reduction and daily fees - plus, you get the convenience of being able to pick up and return the car 24/7. To see a comparison of what different kinds of trips might cost you, check out this cost comparison info.


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