Can I see the PDS?

We are not an insurance provider, so we don't sell insurance to car owners and so don't have a PDS. Here's how it works:

  • We have a fleet insurance policy (as do other car sharing companies and rental car companies). 
  • When you list your car, we have an 'insurable interest' in your car, so we include it as part of our 'fleet' for cover under our insurance policy. This means your car is covered for damage, theft and third party property damage, whether you or a borrower is driving.
  • The full description of your car's cover, along with any exclusions, is set out in the Member Agreement and Owner Supplement (with the detailed process explained in the Damage Policy). These are on the Terms of Use page
  • The costs of insurance are included as part of your $60/month membership fee.
  • In the event of damage, theft, etc, we would handle the repairs, pay you any amounts owing, and we may pursue a claim under our insurance policy if we need to. We have a dedicated staff member whose role is to get cars back on the road as soon as possible and with minimal hassle for owners.

If you would like to see the PDS for our insurance policy it is available by clicking here, but please be aware that this PDS governs Car Next Door's insurance contract with our insurer, and does not apply to you directly. You would not have direct contact with our insurer in the event of a claim. 

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