When will my $250 deposit be returned / pre-authorisation be released?

At the time you book (for your first two trips only), $250 is 'frozen' in your account. It will automatically be released 10 days after the date you booked.

(Note: for Commonwealth Bank customers the hold period is longer - see below for details.)

When you book your first or second trip with Car Next Door, we place a hold (pre-authorisation) on your credit card or debit card.  At the same time that we send instructions to your bank to hold the funds, there is a simultaneous electronic instruction for your bank to release it from their system back into your account after 10 days.

We do not receive the funds from your bank, and we cannot return them to you before the end of the 10-day period - once the pre-authorisation is placed, it is an automated process controlled entirely by your bank.

Why can't I see the refund on my credit card statement?

The way that banks process credit card pre-authorisations means that when they automatically expire 10 days after they were placed. You will not see a new transaction showing a refund or deposit from Car Next Door of the pre-authorisation amount.

If you check your credit card statement once the pre-authorisation has expired, you won't be able to see the original transaction of the pre-authorisation being taken, either. 

For debit cards, the amount will show as being deducted from your account (though it is not paid to us) and then you will see your balance go back up when the pre-authorisation is released. 

Extended hold period for Commonwealth Bank customers and how to request an early release:

Unfortunately, the Commonwealth Bank holds pre-authorisations for 31 days instead of the usual 10 days.  If your card is issued by the Commonwealth Bank and you would like your pre-auth returned in less than 31 days, you will need to contact the bank and obtain an 'auth number', then call us back and give us that number and your full credit card number. We will then send a fax to the bank asking them to release the pre-authorisation.



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  • Avatar
    Emma Elliott

    Does the 10 days include weekends or only work days?

  • Avatar
    Kate Trumbull

    Hi Emma, it is 10 calendar days (not business days).

  • Avatar
    Angela White

    Hi, I wanted to make my first two bookings only a week apart (this sunday and next sunday) will there then be two pre-auth's placed on my credit card foe the overlapping days? I can only afford one at a time!

  • Avatar
    Angela White

    Oh its ok I just found where it states that you don't take another pre-auth on multiple bookings within the 10-day period. Sorry!

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